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o fortuna velut luna
25 October 2008 @ 05:17 am
Tonight I went to hang out with Cyndy and Caroline to presumably eat pizza and watch Dexter. What happened instead was we went to a party with three other guys, two of which were very nice and chill... but the other.

Dear lord.

He was both completely wasted and high on E, and possibly also coke. He kept trying to hit on me. He didn't understand that my constantly ignoring him and monosyllabic responses meant "I am soooooo not interested in you!" He did creepy dances at me. He put his hand INSIDE Cyndy's pants AFTER she told him she had a boyfriend. He kept touching me-- just nudging and poking and shit but OMG EW.

And then when I told him I was a lesbian (purely for the sake of getting him to LEAVE ME ALONE) he decided that I just hadn't had ~the right man~ and that he was going to be ~the man to change me~. He... called me a bigot because I said I wasn't interested in him. And LOL god I was a bitch to him after he started pulling that shit. He even had the audacity to ASK ME ON A DATE after that. And then I told him I was busy... forever. He only stopped when the other guys came back (they'd all briefly left the room for some reason I can't remember). And it was... just horrible and awkward. LOL. But... there was booze. Not good booze I'd say was actually worth the suffering and mental trauma I had to endure, but w/e silver lining.

Eventually Cyndy and I managed to sneak out and go back to her room to watch Dexter. I then realized I missed a lot of Dexter the first time I watched it because I was really drunk. LOL. So that saved a mostly shitty evening. Buuuuuuut. WAIT. When I went to go back to my room and got out on the breezeway, who was there? EVERYONE WHO WAS AT THE PARTY. I guess they all... went out on that breezeway to smoke. But yeah. Awwwwkward. They were like "Where did you guys go?!?!" And the only appropriate response was "... Away from you." Iiiiii don't care if they think I'm a bitch because a) I'll probably never see them again and b) I don't watch to encourage any other nasty drunk scumbags to hit on me again. Ever.

And that's my story.
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o fortuna velut luna
29 January 2008 @ 08:27 pm
Today was a day full of good things! Except for two minor details:

a) Does anyone else feel sick when they wake up in the mornings and in the first couple hours of their for no real reason (AND ISN'T PREGNANT, HA HA HA U R SO FUNNIEZ :| )? Is there any way to... not make this happen? >< I don't know what I'm doing wrong! Maybe if I ate breakfast or something... (but I think that might make it worse...?)

b) Don't you hate it when you're asked a question about one thing and you go on an on about it then you realize you're TALKING ABOUT THE COMPLETELY WRONG THING? D: Way to go, Ruthi. Ruthi does not get to pass go and win at history.


And since Teresa wanted to see my room, I have pictures! I will show you them!

OMG IT'S A ROOMCollapse )
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o fortuna velut luna
28 March 2007 @ 01:03 am
caveat emptor to all that enter here