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I almost fainted today because I keep forgetting to eat. I'm so badass. But I filled out more job applications and listened to Paramore's new CD, which is almost as badass as me. lmfao.

And... it's a sad day in my life. For this reason:

Ruthi: i think my beansprouts went bad :(
Ed: ew.
Ed: *typed we*
Ed: we ruthi. we. :(
Ruthi: LOL
Ruthi: we what
Ruthi: we are awesome
Ruthi: yeah i know
Ed: we, your bean sprouts went bad. :(
Ed: apparently I'm ... part of your bean sprouts
Ruthi: LMFAO
Ruthi: there's stil... so many of them
Ruthi: and i loved them so much
Ruthi: i don't want to let them go ;_;
Ed: if they're bad ruthi, it's time.
Ed: :( it's .. time.
Ruthi: LMFAO
Ruthi: that's... so dramatic
Ruthi: i'm imagining soap opera music now
Ruthi: i'll put my bean sprouts in an urn
Ruthi: and cast them into the ocean
Ed: then they'll always be with you.
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