o fortuna velut luna (saria) wrote,
o fortuna velut luna

Myst: oh my god the dog just opened up like fifty firefox help tabs
Ed: and no. QC. No.
Myst: with like his nose
Myst: Or really his whole face wince his nose is all squished in
Myst: Mmm pugs
morbidlymanic: apparently
morbidlymanic: he's got multitasking to do
Ruthi: LMAO
Myst: well it was help tabs. he had a lot of questions
morbidlymanic: how do open can food
Brandi left the room.
morbidlymanic: how open with no thumb
Myst: How can make sunpatch stay
Myst: where can find pigeons
morbidlymanic: how can get water bowl full
Ruthi: LMAO
Brandi entered the room.
Myst: why no peeing in house ):
morbidlymanic: how get up on counter for treat bag
Ruthi: oh god lmao
morbidlymanic: why rub nose in it
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