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[02:54] Shikaface: llets ahve buttsex liek the guys onthe matches
[02:54] Shikaface: you bcan be seme
[02:54] sylarsexual: LMAO oh god
[02:54] sylarsexual: fine :|
[02:54] Shikaface: LOL
[02:54] Shikaface: ssexy (:
[02:54] Shikaface: yu're tall anywat
[02:55] Shikaface: that;s sooooooooooo whatt makes you seme
[02:56] Shikaface: ol i bey uo'd acy tthe same if you were a man
[02:56] sylarsexual: LMFAO
[02:56] sylarsexual: probably
[02:56] Shikaface: qithyour b&bw
[02:56] Shikaface: yyou;d be...lfamign liek zqq
[02:57] Shikaface: but that wouldn;t makeme the kirk
[02:57] Shikaface: i;d bbe zqa brother
[02:57] Shikaface: andn we'd be sotuehrnm
[02:58] Shikaface: ansd adopt a lititle girlsfrom hcina
[02:58] Shikaface: annd visit thhe guy off hoem improveem,tn
[02:58] Shikaface: tim alan oe w/e
[02:58] Shikaface: show him otu chienese baby gitll
[02:59] Shikaface: andd he;ll come to ourweddng
[02:59] Shikaface: hw's a democrat
[02:59] sylarsexual: ... LMAO WHAT THE HELL
[02:59] sylarsexual: i can't leave you alone for two seconds
[02:59] Shikaface: asn i have an anti-abbortionstick re pn my car );
[02:59] Shikaface: nno
[02:59] Shikaface: youcabtl
[02:59] Shikaface: xo he;s goign to think i'm Ateroritsy
[03:00] Shikaface: 'ccause i'm a right wingg andhes; a left wing
[03:00] Shikaface: you'er a lefty wing too lol
[03:00] Shikaface: as it tryto yell the baby it ca do ~whatgever it want~
[03:01] Shikaface: i;ll ppour tabasco in her wounsd to pusnihs her thogh
[03:02] Shikaface: then yu
[03:02] Shikaface: you'll call the cops
[03:02] sylarsexual: ....
[03:02] Shikaface: thenthery;d come
[03:02] sylarsexual: STOP TALKING
[03:02] Shikaface: NKO
[03:02] Shikaface: andd we;d tell then wat hapepd
[03:03] Shikaface: and we;d bobth gey atrrrested for being incest...rrs
[03:03] Shikaface: and oru chinese bbabu woudl get taken away );
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