o fortuna velut luna (saria) wrote,
o fortuna velut luna

Ed: and I need to finsih Ed's tag, but I'm trying to work in his arm breaking and it's harder than I thought. -.-
Ruthi: i'll help you
Ed: ... should I be scared fo this.
Ruthi: "a boulder fell on his arm and crushed it"
Ruthi: "it broke"
Ed: lmao what.
Ed: that makes no dsense Ruthi
Ruthi: "where did this boulder come from? ed ssaid. "i'm nsidde"
Ruthi: "it came ffrom heaven" god replied
Ed: okay stop I think I just .. damaged something
Sam: ....LOL
Ruthi: LMAO i was done
Ed: I'm going to spend the next wenty minutes wonderng whta the hell is wrong with you
Ed: that was precoius time I could have been ... posting
Ruthi: LMAO iff i only knew ;_;
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