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I had some very special award-winning moments last night that I... almost want to post in my journal. Then I was like "Oh Ruthi then everyone will see what a retard you are." But I guess... they already know. And LMAO it... was pretty funny. :( It'll be a reminder to myself. If I ever think about drinking too much again I'll just look at this post and... remember. Why I shouldn't.

(11:31:11 PM) Brandi: go watch Heroes
(11:31:14 PM) Brandi: and app someone from it
(11:31:14 PM) Ed: yes I do, Brandi. I was here.
(11:31:16 PM) Brandi: or don't even watch it
(11:31:18 PM) Brandi: just app someone for it
(11:31:21 PM) Brandi: they're all cliche
(11:31:24 PM) Brandi: easy to do
(11:31:37 PM) Ruthi: LOL
(11:31:39 PM) Jen: I haven't.. finished watching heroes no. It's on my list.
(11:31:49 PM) Ruthi: make them talk aoutv wales
(11:31:53 PM) Brandi: waffles
(11:31:54 PM) Ruthi: waffffffffless
(11:31:55 PM) Brandi: not whales
(11:31:57 PM) Brandi: although
(11:31:59 PM) Ruthi: thank you
(11:32:01 PM) Ruthi: lol
(11:32:02 PM) Brandi: Calire wants to save the whales
(11:32:05 PM) Ruthi: LOL
(11:32:11 PM) Brandi: but she only uses that as a cover to go find her deadbeat mother
(11:32:15 PM) Ruthi: danko calle sylar a whale toda
(11:32:17 PM) Brandi: in good old Kermit, Texas
(11:32:18 PM) Ruthi: ythat coutns
(11:32:20 PM) Ed: brb ...stuff
(11:32:21 PM) Brandi: ... true
(11:32:23 PM) Brandi: the white whale
(11:32:26 PM) Ruthi: LMAO
(11:32:46 PM) Ruthi: oh my god they're so gay
(11:32:48 PM) Ruthi: i ship them
(11:32:56 PM) Ruthi: your friend should app adnak'
(11:32:59 PM) Ruthi: dsnko
(11:33:14 PM) Brandi: ... Ruthi
(11:33:15 PM) Brandi: hahahahaha
(11:33:26 PM) Brandi: hahaha I just threw up in my mouth
(11:33:30 PM) Brandi: at the sheer mention of Danko with anyone
(11:33:31 PM) Ruthi: just be creepy and hate people with superpoers
(11:33:33 PM) Ruthi: the end
(11:33:39 PM) Ruthi: mmmmmm i will write the fic
(11:33:40 PM) Brandi: Wasn't it bad enough to see him kissing a girl?
(11:33:42 PM) Brandi: WASN'T IT?!?!!?!
(11:33:44 PM) Ruthi: no
(11:33:47 PM) Brandi: that's like seeing Noah make out with someone
(11:33:48 PM) Brandi: only WORSE
(11:33:51 PM) Ruthi: i want sylar////anklpo uic
(11:33:52 PM) Brandi: because Danko is UGLY
(11:33:53 PM) Ruthi: ic
(11:33:54 PM) Ruthi: ifc
(11:33:58 PM) Brandi: UGLY people shouldn't kiss on tv
(11:34:01 PM) Brandi: they should be killed
(11:34:03 PM) Ruthi: i lpve hin

(12:30:09 AM) Brandi: mmm beeman's blog
(12:30:10 AM) Brandi: I forgot about it
(12:30:39 AM) Ruthi: mmm wrre thee kawaii pictuee
(12:30:47 AM) Brandi: .... there are none of ZQ
(12:30:50 AM) Brandi: WHAT IS THIS
(12:30:55 AM) Brandi: they're all of Hayden & Adrian
(12:31:07 AM) Brandi: and then apparently there was a deleted scene where Noah takes Micah under his protection
(12:31:09 AM) Brandi: so there's pics of them
(12:31:20 AM) Ruthi: bbobonn
(12:31:22 AM) Ruthi: bboo
(12:31:31 AM) Ruthi: i love xw
(12:31:37 AM) Ruthi: he date chris pine
(12:31:41 AM) Brandi: hahahaha
(12:31:47 AM) Ruthi: LOL HE DOEWs
(12:31:53 AM) Brandi: we know
(12:31:55 AM) Ruthi: you knowi'm tuee
(12:31:57 AM) Ruthi: true
(12:31:58 AM) Katie: LOL
(12:32:03 AM) Katie: what is she talking about :-(?
(12:32:08 AM) Brandi: ZQ dating Chris Pine
(12:32:12 AM) Katie: Okay
(12:32:17 AM) Katie: Thank you, Brandi.
(12:32:18 AM) Brandi: smile and nod
(12:32:23 AM) Ruthi: LMAO
(12:32:23 AM) Katie: :-)
(12:32:24 AM) Katie: :-D
(12:32:30 AM) Ruthi: i love yo kyir
(12:32:38 AM) Katie: i love you, too
(12:32:46 AM) Ruthi: even if uou cn't ytrndltyr mr ehjrn i'm ftunk
(12:32:51 AM) Ruthi: trnalste
(12:32:57 AM) Ruthi: drunk
(12:33:03 AM) Ruthi: wrhjhen
(12:33:04 AM) Brandi: even if you can't translate me when Im drunk?
(12:33:06 AM) Brandi: idk
(12:33:09 AM) Ruthi: mhm
(12:33:15 AM) Brandi: hahaha that was all guessing

(12:47:14 AM) Ruthi: mh scats remind me tht the patis realllll
(12:47:20 AM) Brandi: hahahahahaha
(12:47:21 AM) Ed: oh my god
(12:47:22 AM) Lins: no.
(12:47:23 AM) Ed: not again
(12:47:24 AM) Brandi: THAT TYPO
(12:47:25 AM) Lins: no papa roach.
(12:47:25 AM) Ruthi: i teatr mysff o[en just just refeeeeel

(12:54:30 AM) Brandi: she ends up with Leon from KH
(12:54:33 AM) Brandi: because I like that better
(12:54:39 AM) lolisbag: LOL
(12:55:01 AM) Ruthi: LOL
(12:55:05 AM) Ruthi: thars kwaii
(12:55:08 AM) Brandi: I like playing Yuffie more because it's so much more rewarding when I find a man that will put up with her
(12:55:13 AM) Ruthi: you knowlweon is voiced by angel
(12:55:18 AM) Brandi: I do
(12:55:19 AM) Ruthi: thats kaaii ltoo
(12:55:22 AM) Brandi: hahahaha it is
(12:55:31 AM) Ruthi: i'mgoign toh theow y]up
(12:55:47 AM) Brandi: Ruthi, go throw up and get it out of your system *pets*
(12:55:47 AM) Ruthi: i love yugggiew toto
(12:55:50 AM) Ruthi: ok
(12:55:56 AM) Brandi: you love what?
(12:56:08 AM) Katie: yuffie
(12:56:11 AM) Brandi: hahaha oh
(12:56:19 AM) Katie: too
(12:56:21 AM) Brandi: yes, that makes sense given the context of the conversation :p
(12:56:30 AM) Ruthi: :P
(12:56:31 AM) Ruthi: LOL

(1:09:16 AM) Ruthi: lomg i fee lso dizzzy
(1:09:17 AM) lolisbag: And...that's my only story :(
(1:09:22 AM) bladebatter: thats what it was :(
(1:09:24 AM) Brandi: Ruthi, you should go lay down
(1:09:25 AM) Brandi: and go to bed
(1:09:27 AM) Ruthi: ylatrr and clre shpuld het pregant
(1:09:29 AM) Ruthi: i ass
(1:09:32 AM) Ruthi: ong the floor
(1:09:36 AM) Ruthi: then i cme bckl
(1:09:40 AM) Brandi: .... did you just say Sylar and Claire should get pregnant?
(1:09:42 AM) Ruthi: i'm going to com bback
(1:09:44 AM) Ruthi: uhhuh
(1:10:14 AM) bladebatter: Im really sad now
(1:10:28 AM) Ruthi: L:OL
(1:10:28 AM) bladebatter: I know what she said for both of those things

(I think this is my favorite chat moment. We hadn't been talking about... anytihng remotely related to Heroes in forever and for some reason I thought it would be awesome to BRING THAT UP.)

(12:36:32 AM) Ruthi: LOL omg i'm lityening to scars
(12:36:38 AM) Snook: LOL!
(12:36:58 AM) Ruthi: I TEAR ME HEAT OPEN
(12:37:03 AM) Ruthi: I SEW MYEL SUhTU
(12:37:11 AM) Snook: LOL ohhh ruti i lovde you
(12:37:16 AM) Ruthi: lol i love you rtoo
(12:37:22 AM) Ruthi: my weaknes s that i xare too muxh
(12:37:29 AM) Ruthi: my wealenss is that thepast is rel
(12:37:32 AM) Ruthi: i tearmysel open
(12:37:34 AM) Ruthi: kjsut ofeeeeeeeeeeeeeel
(12:37:40 AM) Snook: ,,,HAHAH
(12:37:51 AM) Ruthi: LOL you're goingto make4 fun of me for this otmorr
(12:37:52 AM) Ruthi: w
(12:38:02 AM) Snook: LMFAO.....ii will 'cause yo daid
(12:38:11 AM) Snook: my weakness is thhta the past is real

(12:41:35 AM) Ruthi: o ter my heat oepn
(12:41:39 AM) Ruthi: ii sew mysel snhut
(12:41:45 AM) Snook: my weakness is
(12:41:51 AM) Ruthi: i need st wsotp listenign to this
(12:42:03 AM) Snook: lol mit' sa ebautiful song
(12:42:06 AM) Ruthi: its the most bwautosgul sormg ever
(12:42:12 AM) Snook: it is ;);
(12:42:14 AM) Ruthi: inoew i kow what pul meant
(12:42:21 AM) Ruthi: or woever san it to you
(12:42:22 AM) Ruthi: ray
(12:42:24 AM) Ruthi: timh
(12:42:28 AM) Snook: LOL!
(12:42:37 AM) Snook: yeha ray
(12:42:38 AM) Ruthi: LOL i'm o ffrun
(12:42:42 AM) Ruthi: mm iremm ver
(12:42:43 AM) Snook: you aaare
(12:42:46 AM) Ruthi: LOl
(12:42:49 AM) Snook: LOL good
(12:43:01 AM) Snook: if paik sand if to me i'd...be scared
(12:43:09 AM) Ruthi: LOLwgo is paul
(12:43:15 AM) Ruthi: did u make gim up
(12:43:19 AM) Snook: the guy who cooks meth
(12:43:20 AM) Snook: LOL
(12:43:21 AM) Ruthi: :LOL
(12:43:24 AM) Ruthi: phhim'
(12:43:29 AM) Snook: yepp

(3:42:54 AM) Ruthi: i guesss i'm going to die
(3:43:02 AM) Snook: no ):
(3:44:38 AM) Ruthi: at least i watchesd heroes firss
(3:44:52 AM) Ruthi: tell me if sylar keeps birne awesome if i die
(3:45:06 AM) Snook: you'll live and seee yourself
(3:45:16 AM) Snook: you kknow how i don't like heroes baby
(3:45:28 AM) Ruthi: ou watchwd the irt sseason
(3:45:34 AM) Snook: shhhhhhh
(3:45:34 AM) Ruthi: watch it on surfthchannel for me
(3:45:44 AM) Snook: uoi'e not supppposed to enenbert hat
(3:45:46 AM) Ruthi: sonmoen has to if i'm dwad
(3:45:47 AM) Snook: reember*
(3:45:52 AM) Snook: no
(3:46:02 AM) Snook: you van live and watch it fo yuorself
(3:46:06 AM) Ruthi: k
(3:46:34 AM) Snook: annd you promised you'd watch prison break adn babe with me
(3:46:39 AM) Snook: ou have to be alive to do that
(3:46:41 AM) Ruthi: no i did
(3:46:42 AM) Ruthi: nt
(3:46:46 AM) Snook: yeh i ddi
(3:46:47 AM) Snook: you8
(3:46:47 AM) Ruthi: IM NOT TAT DURNK
(3:46:53 AM) Snook: ....YES YO ARE
(3:47:02 AM) Snook: SJUSY Believe ME
(3:47:08 AM) Ruthi: DONT LIE TO ME
(3:47:10 AM) Snook: i'm te sober oen her e |8
(3:47:14 AM) Ruthi: LOL
(3:47:18 AM) Snook: i'll lie all i want lmao
(3:47:49 AM) Snook: you will wach babe with me
(3:47:53 AM) Ruthi: no

(I like my logic here. Snook will... tell me about Heroes when I'm dead and can't watch it. How? I have no idea.)

(4:37:41 AM) Ruthi: god heroessss was so good today
(4:37:48 AM) Ruthi: why can't heroes be life
(4:38:18 AM) Snook: LOL dik
(4:38:28 AM) Ruthi: iwixh life was heroes
(4:38:33 AM) Ruthi: i could have superpwoees
(4:39:08 AM) Snook: you could (:
(4:39:22 AM) Ruthi: mmm i'd want to be a shapesgitfter
(4:39:25 AM) Ruthi: those are so sext
(4:39:30 AM) Ruthi: lie the one sylr killed otday
(4:39:37 AM) Snook: ....LOL
(4:39:49 AM) Ruthi: i'd tutnr into sylar nad have seex with mysrlf
(4:39:58 AM) Snook: HAHAAHAHA
(4:40:21 AM) Ruthi: that'ss hwat... any aweosme poerosn wit h at power woudld od
(4:40:30 AM) Snook: i'm sure |:
(4:40:34 AM) Ruthi: l;
(4:40:35 AM) Ruthi: _;
(4:40:36 AM) Ruthi: ;_;
(4:40:40 AM) Snook: lmdo
(4:40:43 AM) Ruthi: LOL HAATY
(4:40:45 AM) Ruthi: W?HAT
(4:40:54 AM) Snook: NOTIHNG
(4:40:59 AM) Ruthi: lol oky
(4:41:11 AM) Ruthi: you van be elle before she got set on fire
(4:41:21 AM) Snook: okkay (:
(4:41:34 AM) Ruthi: mmmmmmmm
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